Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bhing And Sid

Bridal Shower Cum Stag Party

We had lots of laughs and naughty good fun at Maldita and Croix's Bridal Shower Stag party combo. Sorry for the minors who dropped by, ( who poofed as soon as they saw what was happening) it was an strictly for adults only party.

Pre bridal shower rehearsal. Who is the girl behind the curtain?


Maldita-Croix Bridal Shower-Stag Party :-D

Brad_adams a.ka. tatay was the star of the night, over shadowing the sex appeal goddess Xharmein, with his to- die- for moves on the dance floor. Giling(slowly) lolz. My tummy ached from laughing.
Girl in pink, getting drunk is Ellacindy hahaha ;-D
After the bride and groom left we went bar hopping and dropped by Ikos' room which were appropriately decorated as a bar. Juice me! Mukhang beer house! hahaha. Here things really went wild and crazy...err not what your thinking :-P We had a lot of laughs playing tricks with the confetti, noise maker and kisses. But they are too graphic to post here lolz! Guys these are avatars, nothing much we can do here. Hahaha. But nevertheless, everyone had a jolly good fun. We couldn't stop laughing! Guys you are hilarious!!!!
from left: Erick, Xharmein, bebabe, Miecky, honeybunch_adams

Wedding And Reception


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